Stained glass Amsterdam

For artisan stained glass and personal contact

Stained glass Amsterdam

For artisan stained glass and personal contact

Glasparade | Amsterdam

New design

I design both classic and contemporary stained glass. For all your (sliding) doors, windows and room and suite doors. Do you have a wish or a design yourself? I would be happy to discuss all options without obligation.

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stained glass insulation

I provide all forms of stained glass insulation. Assembled in insulating glass, stained glass fitted with custom-made additional windows, or stained glass mounted for your existing HR++ glass.

Glasparade | Amsterdam


I carry out smaller repairs at your home. I repair larger stained glass work at my workshop in Diemen. I can collect and deliver your stained glass to and from your home. Of course, you can always come by yourself

Amsterdam stained glass

Need a stained glass design, repair or insulation project?
Please contact us for a quote or questions.

Stained glass insulation

stained glass in insulation glass

In insulating glass

The stained glass is mounted in insulating glass. Existing stained glass is first professionally restored. New stained glass is made to measure. This gives you double glazing, with the stained glass in between. In addition to perfect sound and heat insulation, it is also ideal against damage and burglary.

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An additional window

With an additional window, a second window is mounted on the outside against the frame. The insulation value increases enormously while the existing stained glass retains its unique classic appearance. I work with a carpenter who makes and installs these hardwood additional windows to any desired size.

Plexiglas glas-in-lood


A plastic plexiglass window can also be mounted in front of the stained glass as insulation. In addition to insulation, this also works excellently as glass protection for small children and pets, for example at (sliding) doors. It is installed at your home and can easily be removed later.

Amsterdam and surrounding area

Want to repair your broken stained glass?
Contact me for a quote.

My workshop in Diemen

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Glasparade | Diemen

Building Fenix

My workshop is located in the Fenix business complex in Diemen. Located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, near exit 13 ‘Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer’. Easily accessible and free parking!

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I mainly work in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. But also in Leiden, Haarlem, Hilversum, the Gooi and the Zaan region. I accept work, after consultation, throughout the Netherlands.


By sending some photos of your stained glass, I can usually make a good estimate of the work to be carried out and the costs.
You can call, email or WhatsApp me. Or simply use the contact form.

Visit my workshop. On the outskirts of Amsterdam

Use the A10, exit 13, ‘Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer. Free parking!
I often work on site, so it is recommended to make an appointment in advance.

Opening hours

Monday till Thursday: 9.30am – 5.30pm | Friday: 9.30am – 4.00pm (All other days and times by appointment)