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Glasparade | Amsterdam


I design new, contemporary panels as well as classic stained glass windows and doors. If you have an idea or design yourself, I would be happy to discuss the options with you.

Glasparade | Amsterdam


I carry out smaller repairs on site. You can always bring your stained glass to my workshop in Diemen. 
I work with carpenters and painters who do jobs on windows and doors.


During a restoration I remove the lead, clean the glass thoroughly and replace all broken glass parts. The glass is put in new lead came.

Amsterdam stained glass

Contact me for new stained glass, a quotation or other questions.

My workshop in Diemen

werkplaats icoon
Glasparade | Diemen

Building fenix

My workshop is located in the multi-company building Fenix in Diemen. Located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, near exit 13 ‘Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer’.
Easily accessible and free parking!


I mainly work in the Amsterdam and the surrounding area. But also in Leiden, Hilversum, Het Gooi and the Zaan region. In consultation, I take on work throughout the Netherlands.


By sending a number of photos of your (broken) stained glass, I can usually make a good estimation of the work needed and the costs. 
Use the contact form, or Whatsapp me directly.