Frequently Asked Questions

Info about my stained glass

What is the price of stained glass?

The price has to do with many factors; the size, choice of glass types and the complexity of the design are of influence. I would be happy to visit you to view and discuss your wishes. You will then receive a clear quotation from me.

GlasParade | Plaatsen van glas in lood

Do you place the glass yourself?

I always make and install the stained glass myself. I may do the placement in difficult places or at a greater height with others.

Glasbreuk repareer ik ter plekke.

One pane is broken. does everything need to be replaced?

That is usually not necessary. In most cases, I repair glass breakage on site. If the lead itself is damaged or if more glass is broken, I will repair it at my workshop.

Can stained glass be replaced by insulating glass?

Stained glass can be mounted between insulating glass. I work with specialized companies that compose HR double glazing. My stained glass panels are mounted inside the new insulating glass window.

GlasParade | Glas in lood reparatie

I already have insulating glass. Can there still be stained glass?

Yes, that is possible too. I place stained glass as a secondary window against your existing insulating glass. You then have the advantages of the existing double glazing and the visual enjoyment of the new stained glass

Ontwerpschets van een glas in lood raam

I want a new design. Is that possible ?

I design new, contemporary panels as well as classic stained glass windows and doors. If you already have an idea or a design, I will discuss the possibilities with you.

GlasParade | Glas in lood restauratie van glas in lood

Is restoration possible?

The lead of stained glass lasts about 80 years. When the old lead is ‘worn out’ I replace all the lead, preserving the existing glass. After this, your panel can last another 80 years!

Do you only work in Amsterdam?

No. My workshop is located in Diemen. I work mainly in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. But also in Hilversum, the Gooi and the Zaanstreek. In consultation, I take on work throughout the Netherlands.

Do you have a question or like to request a quotation?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.