Stained glass restoration

History in new glory

The conservatory of this house from 1910 has 7 stained glass windows. The old lead came of these windows is in very bad condition and the glass is broken in several places. Follow the steps I performed in this restoration.

1. Preparation

To be able to remove the original windows, I apply tape so they do not fall apart when being removed.

Glasparade | Glas uitnemen

2. Windows removal

I remove the old window putty, so the panels can be removed.

Glasparade | Glas demonteren

3. Lead removal

I carefully lift the glass from the lead. I reuse the glass when possible, old lead will be recycled.

4. Glass cleaning

The glass is thoroughly cleaned, all broken glass parts are replaced with newly cut glass.

5. New lead

One by one I put the panels in new lead.

6. Soldering

Soldering a panel.

7. Apply sealant

To make everything waterproof and to prevent the glass from rattling, I treat all windows with sealant.

8. Replacement

I put all the windows back in the frames and secure the windows with fresh window putty.

9. End result

Finished! The stained glass can take another 80 years 🙂

Also interested in a restoration of your stained glass?