Stained glass insulating

Stained glass in double glazing

I adjusted the three stained-glass windows into insulating glass at the renovation of this house from 1890. Follow the steps required to process the stained glass into double glazing.

glas-in-lood in isolatieglas

1. Start

Stained glass insulates even worse than single window glass. I therefore adapt the stained glass window to insulating glass.

glas-in-lood in isolatieglas

2. Disassembly​

All old lead is removed, the glass is cleaned and re-used, all broken glass is replaced by new.

glas-in-lood in dubbelglas

3. Glass Resize​

The glass size must be slightly reduced in order to be able to mount the insulating glass in the existing rebate.

glas-in-lood isoleren hr++

4. Rebuild

The complete glass panel is rebuilt and put in new lead.

stained glass in insulating glass

5. Manufacturing

When the panels are ready, they are mounted in double glazing by a specialized company.

stained glass in insulating glass

6. Ready

The stained glass is now placed between two glass plates; the total thickness is now 22 millimeters.

stained glass in insulating glass

7. Installation

The insulating glass is then mounted in the wooden frames.

stained glass in insulating glass window

8. End result

The insulation value (U-value) improved from 6.0 to 2.0. The attenuation of outside noise has also increased considerably.

Do you want to have your stained glass insulated?