Stained glass design

A personal touch at home

This customer wanted ‘a flower in stained glass’, for an upper window that connects house and garden. Follow the design steps I’m taking.


1. Sketch

After consultation about the desired style, I make various sketches. I often design digitally, in this case by hand.

Glasparade | glas in lood schets

2. Design

I discuss the possible glass types and colors. After approval, I work out the design to scale into a final version.

Glasparade | glas in lood schets

3. Working drawing

I then translate the sketch into a full-size working drawing.

Glasparade | glas in lood schets

4. Cutting glass

Using this working drawing, I cut all the loose pieces of glass.

Glasparade | Glas in het lood zetten

5. New lead

I put all glass pieces in the lead…

Glasparade | glas in lood solderen

6. Soldering

…after which I solder everything.

Glasparade | glas in lood dubbelglas design

7. Checking

The stained glass window is ready!

glas-in-lood tulpen

8. Installation

The mounted window, a new light in the house.

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