Insulation of stained glass

Different possibilities:

1. Existing stained glass  | between insulating glass

The stained glass is mounted inside insulating glass, between the outer and inner glass.
The stained glass format must be adjusted for this. The glass is reduced in size and put in new lead. It is mounted between insulating glass by a specialized company.

• Double glazing so better insulation than single glazing.
• The insulating glass can be easily cleaned without damaging the embedded stained glass.

• An annoying reflection of the window glass can be visible on both sides.
• The stained glass must be reduced in size. Not every design lends itself equally easily to this.
• The window has a considerable weight, the frame must be suitable for this.
• The rebate of the frame must be sufficiently deep.
• It is relatively expensive when adjusting several small windows.
• The usual sealing of the stained glass for extra strength and preventing rattling is not possible.
• The insulation value can be compared with ‘ordinary’ HR insulating glass, so no HR++ will be achieved.
• The warranty, compared to standard HR++ insulating glass, is limited. My supplier guarantees just 5 years.

2. Existing stained glass  | equipped with an outside placed external front window

A secondary window is mounted on the outside of the frame, over the stained glass.
I work together with a professional carpenter who makes and installs these custom made additional windows. The secondary window, made of hardwood,  is fitted with 4 mm glass with a non-visible rubber seal.
I always recommend replacing broken stained glass, or lead that is in poor condition, first. The stained glass will be removed and professionally restored by me.

• The glass size of the existing stained glass does not have to be adjusted.
• The annoying reflection is never visible on the inside, as is the case with stained glass in insulating glass.
• The glass on the outside can be easily cleaned without damaging the lead.
• A secondary window remains good for years.
• Because the window is mounted on the outside, most wooden frames are suitable for this.
• Several small windows can be spanned with one additional window.

• The insulation value is more limited than double glazing and HR++ insulating glass.

3. Existing stained glass  |  placed on the inside, against new insulating glass, 

Existing stained glass is removed by me and is then replaced on the inside of the new insulating glass.
You can have the new HR++ glass installed by your own insulating glass supplier, I can also offer a quote if necessary.
I always recommend that broken glass or lead that is in poor condition has to be restored before it is replaced.

• The insulation value of HR++ insulating glass is the greatest.
• Broken glass or lead that is in poor condition will first be repaired and/or restored by me.
• The stained glass is not permanently mounted and can be easily detached and removed if necessary.

• The depth measurement on the inside of the frame must be large enough to be able to place the stained glass. If this is not the case, this can be solved by installing an external custom made frame.
• Mounting on plastic frames is not possible.

4. New stained glass  |  Placed on the inside, against existing HR++ insulating glass

I make a new stained glass design. After this I place the stained glass panel with glazing bars on the inside, against the existing HR ++ insulating glass.

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